Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a city with a promising future and a fascinating past. It sits on the banks of the Tennessee River, looking up at Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain, where over a century ago, men in blue and gray uniforms were locked together in desperate battle.  In a little less than ten years, Chattanooga will be celebrating the passing of 200 years since the establishment of the city in 1815.  This area of great natural beauty was the home to humans for a long time before that early settlement.  Although long gone now, the valley was once home to four large mounds left by early Native Americans of the culture known as the “Mound builders.”   For many thousands of years, people have come here to enjoy nature’s bounty, and to make this place their home.


Today, this city with a population over 150,000 is both a cultural and market center for a large area of Southeast Tennessee, Northern Georgia, and Northeast Alabama. It is home to many individuals who are looking for innovative ways to help move Chattanooga into the new century that has just begun.


One such individual, and one such idea was Howard “Happy” Huddleston, who had an idea for a better way to meet the needs of those in the area looking to buy or sell real estate. His idea was to match his prospective clients with a small group of very highly trained and extremely skilled real estate professionals.  This idea, which was unique in the Chattanooga area, would enable his agents to give a level of personalized and friendly service that could not easily be found at the big real estate companies.


With this idea in mind, he founded Happy Home Realty in 2000, and ever since he has been providing area residents with honest and quality service. Happy Home Realty agents have many years of experience in the metropolitan Chattanooga area. Happy Home Realty is dedicated to just what their name suggests, matching people with their “happy home.”


Happy Home Realty is licensed in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, and serves clients in all three states.


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